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Are you looking to learn the guitar for public performances or even just as a hobby..?

Whether you're thinking of starting guitar lessons to become a professional musicain or even just to play as a hobby, we'll work closely with you to improve you playing, build your skill and confidence and have you playing guitar like a ROCK STAR!

Our professional guitar teachers in Norwich will guide and mentor you each step of the way:

Jonathan recently returned to England after spending four years in Australia. With over of 20 years live performance experience Jon has played live all over the world including France, Austria, Australia and New Zealand as well as some of the major venues & festivals across England.

Whatever style guitar you're looking to learn, Jon will get you there session by session and will teach you the songs YOU want to learn in his friendly & welcoming teaching style.

You'll learn to dramatically improve your guitar performance as we work on all areas of your playing such as chords, scales, tone, improvisation and much more so you can take your guitar playing to another level.

Whether you're a total guitar beginner looking to start or an experienced professional that wants to improve, come along to the Norwich Singing school and you'll get your first guitar lesson for just £1.00 to help you get started on your musical journey.

After that Guitar Lesson Prices are just
£17.50 per 30 min slot

Whether you want to become a professional musician or even just to play guitar as a hobby, come along to the Norwich Singing school for your first guitar lesson and get started on your musical journey today.

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